Using Pixar's "Inside Out" to Teach about Emotions

Academy Award Winner for Best Animated Feature, Inside Out, takes viewers on a journey through the mind of a pre-teen girl in transition. The film also encourages viewers to reflect on their own mind and emotions and provides a platform for discussion, especially in classrooms. This article provides insight on how to use the movie to create teachable moments about mindfulness.



Meditation Stategies Transform Bay Area Schools

In this SFGate Op-Ed, David L. Kirp describes the positive outcomes and transformational capabilities of "Quiet Time," a "stress reduction strategy used in several San Francisco middle and high schools, as well as in scattered schools around the Bay Area." The practice is credited with improving daily attendance rates, student GPAs, and scores on the California Achievement Test, while also reducing suspension rates. Kirp notes that while Quiet Time "is no panacea, it's a game-changer for many students who otherwise might have become dropouts."


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